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Re: Ted, help...

DMillier wrote:

Hi Ted

I have read through this whole thread (to date) and I have to confess to being completely confused. I have failed to understand what photographic point is being made by all this.

My lack of understanding is my fault, of course, but a plain English executive summary in one post noting down what you are trying to express and why, and what has been concluded from the thread would be very welcome.



I'll try to explain my point, Dave.

Some people here decry the viewing of an image at 100% or more, calling it "pixel-peeping" using that as a derisory term.

I tried to claim in the first post that it is not possible to check the quality of am image's detail without peeping. In that post, I also offered a definition of that nebulous word "detail".

The first post was not understood by-and-large, because of my "wait to see the proof" mistake. Some thought that it was a peculiar Ted-joke.

In a subsequent post I illustrated my point by offering an artificial detail which looks like a small gray square, even at 100%, but in fact is a 1-pixel grid. The grid can only be seen on my monitor by pixel-peeping at considerably more than 100%.

That post was intended to follow the initial post almost immediately but there was an onslaught of cracks and misunderstanding, thereby causing the initial post to almost stand alone which in turn increased the misunderstanding - not to mention the diversion caused by La Belle Jordana.

The overall point of the thread being to offer a proof that detail can not be examined without pixel-peeping, in rebuttal to those who decry it.

The lack of response from any anti-peepers has pretty much deflated the thread, IMO.

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