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Re: Let Me Talk to You about Your Fine Version...

Traveller wrote:

....I mean it really is good...as noted, better than mine.

Or better put, it is like you made the second figure a doppelganger...either a ghost of her, or, her in the past with the main image in the future/present.

It is spooky good...but, to me, spooky....or maybe just a really great portrait realized as a genius visualization.

I don't actually know her...though I know the young lady in, "Maidenhead."

I would expect to see, though not photograph, the final performance of Pericles...I wish to just enjoy. Pericles is late Shakespeare and I found unusually good...different good, (maybe co-written with a barkeep)

I will see if I can run into her...and maybe make an offer of the image....but I am NOT pushy in these contexts or situations.

We will see. I'll let you know.

But thank you so much...but also a question, which version are you referring to, which one do you like best?


I would work from the original raw of https://pbase.com/cichallenge/image/169573381

I could produce a version like I did from the jpeg where I left the 2nd character in, though dark. But I would also like to try my hand at just a portrait of the first woman, without the 2nd one there at all. I normally don't do portraits, but she looks perfect for one. You captured her essence.  It will pretty much fall out of the first one.

And I like your description of a doppelganger or ghost produced by leaving the 2nd figure in, but just barely in. This could be fun.

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