Olympus reliability?

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Re: Olympus reliability?

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Reading various threads on these forums , one thing seems to be quite an issue and that is the reliability of the Olympus range , . I read about quite a few people having issues with their cameras and yet the same doesn’t seem to apply so much to other makes , Panasonic hardly seems to get mention . Am. Right in thinking that Olympus has an issue with reliability ?

I have been an Olympus user for about 14 years now. E-500, E-30, E-5, EM-5 mark 1 and I have had my used E-M1 mark 1 for about 3 years now. The only issue I have ever had is I wore out my rear dial on my E-M1.  Could have sent it in, I was told Olympus repairs it for free. But I did  not want to be without my camera. So instead I bought a grip. I'd never take it off even if the button worked. I love my camera with the grip on it.

It's been my experience from recalls and seeing people complain. Other brands seem to have a lot more serious issues then I've seen about Olympus. Especially at launch. But hey, after 14 years I could just be a fan boy lol

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