Strategies for taking photos while traveling with an impatient person

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Re: Strategies for taking photos while traveling with an impatient person

Gary Martin wrote:

trut_maluglist wrote:

When I'm traveling, I love to stop periodically and take some photos. Most of the time, I travel solo. But when I do travel with someone else, it's often one who has a problem with patience. Rather than finding a way to deal with their problem with impatience, they simply say that my passion (well they call it an obsession) with taking photos is the problem. Among the things I do are:

1) Tell them before we agree to travel together that I'll be taking photos (this doesn't typically help)

2) If we're going somewhere together they walk ahead when I stop to take a photo, rather than hurrying up and catching up with them, I just stay where I am and wait for them to return.

3) If they hurry me, I put the camera down and politely say, "the more you hurry me the longer it's going to take"

What are some other strategies others use if having to travel with an impatient person?

4) Enjoy their company, the sights, the people, the food, etc., and settle for quick grab shots along the way. If I want to do "real" photography (whatever that is), I usually have much better results when I'm alone.

That's pretty much what I do.  I just can't get the quality or quantity I get while with a TC as I do when I'm traveling alone.  And if I'm with a TC, I get better photos if the TC is not impatient than if the TC is impatient.

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