Innorel RT55C Travel Tripod Impressions

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Re: So what is your experience. I bought the Innorel 80 with

Jorginho wrote:

The tripod including P&P costed me 136 euro (Alibaba, I used the site of Innorel)
The ballhead was 43 euro including everything.

For what you get it is just amazing how cheap these are. And for those wanting something larger the RC90 seems even better. But for me and my EM1.2 and the 1 Kg 100-400 mm Panasonic lens it is completely unnecessary.

I would say that something similar in Europe would easily cost me double. So it seems well worth the money.

I wonder what your experiences are! That seems a very lightweigth tripod but I would like to keep the number of extensions to three or less to keep it stiff.

Thanks for sharing your experience.  I'm going to Europe next week and will be able to fully test out the tripod then.

I knew I was compromising size for stability with this tripod.  Compared to my full sized Induro tripod the Innorel is less sturdy because of the number of sections, the diameter of the legs, the leg angle, and the weight.  This was expected since the RT55C is a travel tripod.  I don't view this compromise as a negative.  It was what I was looking for.  My Induro tripod + Photoclam ballhead also cost me 6 times as much money as this Innorel.  The RT55C is an amazing value.

The reality is I could bring my Induro with me, but I wouldn't end up using it because of the size and weight.  If we were taking a trip where we would be renting a car I'd bring it with me.  For this trip we are only taking public transportation and there are lots of places that don't allow tripods anyways.  So I wanted something light enough that I'd actually want to carry it around.

The ball head does seem very well made.  It locks securely with no play and holds the Z6 rock steady.  It's compact enough to be a reasonable combo with the Leofoto table tripod that I also purchased for my trip.

So I reserve final judgment until I get back from my trip.

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