Capture One: What do you wish you had done from the beginning?

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Re: Capture One: What do you wish you had done from the beginning?

Thomas Guenther wrote:

maltmoose wrote:

Peter Guma wrote:

I do use c1 in catalog mode and have no issues

non useable with 10 years of photos imo

Yeah, but only if you do it the "LR" way.

I hold yearly catalogues, containing between 2000 and 9000 pictures each. That a workable amount of pictures manage and edit.

Regarding the "big view" if than hold one "Overall Catalogue" by having imported the yearly catalogues. Even this ( 15+ years) is workable - but I usually do not use it, if I do not want to make comparisons over years upon one specific topic/motif.

I respect your different approach but i see that as a workaround for capture one..

I dont know how LR does it as i dont use it but i want to be able to search all my photos over the weeks, months, years etc fast and hassle free.

There are many problems with c1 catalog its just not fit for purpose with lots of files, too slow at everything and not robust.

If you dont use the catalog i find C1 fast and robust, imo the best raw converter out there and without doubt the worst dam., the catalog is simply not upto its own standards. It needs to be called out so they do something about (the only thing they can do with it is to rip it out and start again and thats why its still there)

I do this now intentionally since my DAM MPSE does not run anymore on 64bit systems (thanks to Microsoft) by seriously culling trash over the years: Why on hell does one need 173 pictures of each puppy being in da house over the years jumping over a fence 25 times a year? or 329 pictures of each child eating a much too large banana split cookie, smearing all the chocolate around (funny!) and if there are more childs ...

store your unique keepers and not the largest amount possible.

I hear what you are saying and no doubt have 1000's of photos i dont need and often go back through my ACDSEE catalog and delete them. I'm more brutal these days with culling. C1 catalog is just useless for this purpose as its just too slow to import new files and search and if i accidentally search the wrong thing with too many hits it will freeze and if i hit show all files it will just hang and crash.

A decent catalog helps manage your files and acdsee is fast and robust and cheap, dont like its raw editing workflow though.

There are other good dams i tried which seemed to work well but were more expense and more complex.

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