Accurate Tutorials on Astro Photography

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Re: Accurate Tutorials on Astro Photography

Swift One wrote:

Astrophotographer 10, I completely forgot about lonely speck. Thanks for the reminder!

strecthman and man4mopar, doing a lot of stacking and blending with the landscape portion and the actual milkyway shots, was actually what i was planning so I am glad to see that I am at least a bit on track with my workflow theory.

MininRewind, yes, I have seen a whole bunch of youtube stuff. The main problem that I see is the final rendering of the sky colors. They all look a bit different. Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed at all from an artistic creation- I absolutely love some of them. I am trying to find a source that shows how to edit for an accurate and natural look of the sky.

For what colors the night sky is supposed to be, look no farther than dpreviews own, rnclark -

you are correct that a lot of the colors in online tutorials totally destroy what the sky is supposed to look like - high saturation, strong contrast and wrong colors all together.


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