Lumix iDynamic and i.Resolution: They affect RAW file?

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Re: Lumix iDynamic and i.Resolution: They affect RAW file?

Davidof_CR wrote:

Ok, so RAW is by 1/3 EV underexposed but the different curve applies only to the jpeg, right ?


Auto modes of idyn is having 1/3 2/3 3/3 EV correction and a contrastcurve correction (stretching DR)

Only the EV correction is effecting the rawfile due the underexposure of 1/3 or 2/3 or 1 stop. So IF you wan to use it in combination with rawfiles use the auto mode which only activates if idyn find it suitable in 1/3s of a stop.

As i told you before Silkypix pro has camera style color profiles which are infact reacting to color presets in camerastyle (custom) and ires and idyn.

ooc jpeg vs default export profile vs  camera style color profile of silkypix

oocjpeg color -4 points  then default rawfile export and then the colorstyle of sp7 default export.

+4 saturation see right left.

all color settings default (0)  see almost no difference.

full contrast boost in camera setting.


idyn off

idyn auto: mid rawfile has same "white" (- EV) but contrast tone is both in left and right.

idyn high (look at 1/250sec and 1/320sec exposure shorter) no EV correction myself.


more difficult to see but the basket wire edges  are left and right more pronounced slightly.

other fun thing color profile as monochrome of the camera:

upleft oocjpeg, upright default rawfile export, low left camera monochrome in camerastyle selected and low right the "normal"monochrome/black and white profile.

Conclusion: settings inside the camera colorstyle as contrast, saturation, and such are infact to use on rawfile development as preset. idyn and ires does effect presets inside silkypix camera style profile.

idyn does change shuttertime to lower Exposure Value on the sensor thus effects the rawfile.

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