Any one using RX100 as a second camera

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Re: Any one using RX100 as a second camera

pcunnin wrote:

scrane wrote:

I am not in the habit of carrying around my phone in my hand so for me it's not any harder to retrieve my rx100 vs my phone. I like the flexibility of a real zoom and the zoom on my rx100 iii is really good. In most situations the viewfinder is a valuable alternative to a screen, and if needed the screen on the rx100 can be tilted to best effect. I can also save up to a zillion photos without worrying about memory space when shooting in RAW. For me using a real camera is just a more satisfying experience. Obviously, camera users are in the minority in today's world.

I carry around my micro 4/3 often, with a prime lens attached. I prefer that to the compact camera setup, but of course everyone has their own preference. I’ve found that it works best for me. I couldn't get the rx100 to fit in my pocket, anyway, which is unusual for most people.

The compact camera setup just didn't work for me and I prefer also the way the micro 4/3 works as well. It’s almost pocketable but i find it fits easily in a small bag with little weight or effort. Of course I’m using a PEN series camera which is smaller that most micro 4/3 cameras, some of which are almost DSLR sized.

I can also achieve decent depth of field with it which is impressive for such a small camera, it was doable on the RX100 but a little tough and wasn’t enough for me.

I think it’s silly though to purchase a large micro 4/3 camera but everyone has their own preference again and there is quite a large cult following for micro 4/3 of all sizes.

OK, my comments were directed towards the Iphone xr you use while traveling. Which PEN are you using?

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