Starting over - Lens selection

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Starting over - Lens selection

Two years ago, I had a great setup - Canon 5D Mark IV, a bunch of L glass, strobes...the works. I'd been shooting for about 8 years. Semi-professional side work: primary on weddings, event videography, even sold a few art pieces now and again.

Then a friend of a friend, a local professional photographer with a great reputation, asked me if he could borrow most of it. He said someone had broken in his studio and stolen it, but he had a wedding to shoot that weekend...could he borrow it. Sure! Happy to help!

I should not have been happy to help. He turned out to be an addict who sold all my stuff and moved away to rehab. My only consolation was taken in the fact that he did this to at least 6 other (4 of them professionals) photographers that same week. That's only a joke.

Sorry for the long intro, but now you know where I'm coming from.

But this time I don't have nearly as much to spend. I'm probably going to spend about $ total. Again, it will get sideline usage, but semi-pro.

I've decided on an EOS-R. My question is, considering I'll be using it for everything from portraiture to landscapes to events, what are your opinions on getting these lenses to accompany it:

1. 24-105mm kit lens

2. EF/S adapter

3. 10-18mm Canon

4. 50mm Sigma 1.4

5. 60-600mm Sigma zoom
6.  Various lighting equip etc.

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