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Scottelly wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

A shot from my old SD10 of my pup Ruby today. Used the 80-400 OS hand-held at about 215mm. 54+ megapixel upsize below.

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54 meg uprez with Topaz AI Gigapixel...


Four times the width (2268x4 = 9072).

And good for 20"x30" at 300ppi with no up-sizing by the print driver ...

... picture ain't bad either.

What do you think, Scott? 408MP from your H, hmmm ...

That works.

Too bad we couldn't take our Merrills and Quattros back in time with us to get those old photos in today's high-res, huh Lin? I guess it doesn't really matter though. A photo of Ruby is a photo os Ruby, whether it's high-res or not. I think landscapes are different though, especially if you're going to print really big.

Well, 408MP gets you about 55"x80" at 300ppi, Scott, not too far off your recently mooted 60x90. So how big is "really big"? ...

I have a photo of the Biltmore, which I scaled up, but I plan to go back and shoot that place again anyway, because I'm sure my SD Quattro H will capture more detail.

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