Accurate Tutorials on Astro Photography

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Re: Accurate Tutorials on Astro Photography

Swift One wrote:

I will be traveling to northern Minnesota (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) at the beginning of September and would like to try my hand at some Astro Photography. Specifically the Milky way when it's over the lake that I will be camping on.

I have a general idea of astro photography on how to do it, however, I am learning that a lot of stuff online gives poor examples on how to edit the shots. Correct sky color seems to be the hottest topic with this.

Can anyone provide any links to some good online sources that I could learn from on this? It would be much appreciated. BTW, I will be using my D7500 and my Sigma 18-35 1.8 for these shots. No star tracking device, just my tripod, and photo stacking. I have a Nikon 10-24, but I just don't think the lens is going to be fast enough.

YouTube, YouTube and more YouTube!  Excellent source for tutorials, help, ideas, inspiration etc.  Check out AstroBackyard on YouTube.  I've learned a lot from him - he's just a regular bloke with a day job but LOVES(!) astrophotography.  There are plenty of others that provide wonderful tutorials on how to do it.


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