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Re: I recant

MyReality wrote:

You quoted a passage from Francis Bacon. He was a philosopher not a scientist. Belief and faith are not the same thing as scientific proof. I repeat, your opinion on anything is not proof of anything. What you say is truth, does not make it truth.

I suggested an objective test to remove most bias and see with sensors give the best prints but you ignored that. Re-read my post about Copernicus.

Try to use some logic and scientific method thought in your next post. Albert Einstein would not have been believed if he just said "I believe it, therefore it has to be true". Do you believe in flying saucers, because some people claim to have seen them?

It's unfortunate that you can't see the that Mr. Bacon is actually explaining that people with confirmation bias don't have the ability to see beyond their bias to use logic and reason (the "scientific method") to come to conclusions outside their biases.

......."he rejects difficult things from impatience of research; sober things, because they narrow hope; the deeper things of nature, from superstition; the light of experience, from arrogance and pride, lest his mind should seem to be occupied with things mean and transitory; things not commonly believed, out of deference to the opinion of the vulgar. Numberless in short are the ways, and sometimes imperceptible, in which the affections colour and infect the understanding"

I think it's a wonderful quote that explains, in a very elegant way, the reasons for much of the controversy, in this forum, and in most contentious issues facing the world today.

Thanks for sharing the quote Mike, I love it..........gonna make a poster out if it and send it to both of my enlightened friends. Won't send it to unenlightened people I know, they won't get it either

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