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Re: I recant

docmaas wrote:

MyReality wrote:

You quoted a passage from Francis Bacon. He was a philosopher not a scientist. Belief and faith are not the same thing as scientific proof. I repeat, your opinion on anything is not proof of anything. What you say is truth, does not make it truth.

One who denies based on the status or role of the individual who makes the statement commits the logical error of fallacy of authority. What Francis Bacon was or did does not deter from the validity of his writing/thinking.

I suggested an objective test to remove most bias and see with sensors give the best prints but you ignored that. Re-read my post about Copernicus.

Sorry, not interested in this nor in your other attempts to redirect the conversation.

Try to use some logic and scientific method thought in your next post. Albert Einstein would not have been believed if he just said "I believe it, therefore it has to be true". Do you believe in flying saucers, because some people claim to have seen them?

I'll ignore the above as I have the other attempts to change the subject.

My original critique about your confirmation bias stands unresponded to. You have repeatedly attempted to change the topic with non sequiturs believing, I assume, that these somehow address my original point which they do not. Moreover, when I don't respond to them you assume it is because I don't agree. In fact I may well agree with some of them but you have no way of knowing if I do since I haven't addressed them. Instead you accuse me of not agreeing, not believing, and other assorted things you seem to think I believe or even said despite the fact that I have not addressed them at all.

However, I tire of this fruitless discussion and my last response was simply an attempt to help you understand the original criticism I made which was simply that your opinion was nothing more than an opinion and that any "objective" understanding of any phenomenon is unavoidably tainted by prior experience the process of which is termed "confirmation bias." I also said that you were no different in that aspect than any other person myself included. None of us are able to see anything as it actually is; everything observed is seen the context of past experience.

I've ignored your various assertions because they were non sequiturs to my original response to you having nothing to do with the topic of "confirmation bias".

I'm through with this discussion however and you may have the last word.


Apologies to Ted who originated this thread.

Apology accepted, Mike.

In post #8 of this this thread, I said to Scott:

"Never mind, Scott - now that @MyReality has joined us, the thread is doomed."

Thanks to those who found it entertaining.

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