Olympus reliability?

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Re: Olympus reliability?

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Reading various threads on these forums , one thing seems to be quite an issue and that is the reliability of the Olympus range , . I read about quite a few people having issues with their cameras and yet the same doesn’t seem to apply so much to other makes , Panasonic hardly seems to get mention . Am. Right in thinking that Olympus has an issue with reliability ?

No more than other brands. I'll list my set of M4/3 just for vague passing interest. I tend to buy pairs of camera for backup and ease of swapping between them. Not on same day, usually pairs are separated by many months.

  1. E-PL1 #1, no problems.
  2. E-PL1 #2, weird intermittent problem after near two years of life, Olympus could not fix, took it back and gave me an.....
  3. E-P3 as the replacement, never really liked it, never used it much as it was closely followed by the....
  4. E-PL5 #1, no problems, and...
  5. E-PL5 #2, no problems, then E-P5 prices fell below E-PL5 prices so...
  6. E-P5 #1, front and rear dials slowly failed while on holiday, easy to bypass as I was used to E-PL1 button only operation so used it like an E-PL1 until the warranty fix, good since then for years now.
  7. E-P5 #2, good, no problems at all. Happy at E-P5 level so staying here now.
  8. Oh, and many lenses Olympus and Panasonic and others, no problems there at all.

So that amounts to 2 out of 7 cameras had problems, maybe average in this day and age of consumer gear. That's why buying bodies locally (not from some possibly troublesome grey market source) is a good idea.

Regards.... Guy

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