Replacement for Canon G16?

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Re: Replacement for Canon G16?

Aberaeron wrote:

GX80 with kit 12-32 or Olympus EZ14-42 is less deep than the X30 and hardly much bigger overall. The zoom range is less than that of the Fuji X20 and X30 of course.

Which is one of the reasons I barely use my X30 actually. Even closed, it's too big to comfortably fit in my bag.

You do sound as if you know exactly what you want, so you tell us, what is it? Which current camera meets your needs most closely if not exactly?

Another G16 would be ideal, obviously. But not an option.

The cameras I've been considering all have downsides, so it's really about which one I can live with the most:

  • Canon G5X Mark II - probably closest to my G16, but with much worse battery life, a pop-up EVF instead of the built-in OVF, and a less ergonomic design. Pricey, too.
  • Sony RX100-VA or VI - likely best on image quality of the choices, but with half the battery life of my G16, might be too small/less convenient one-handed operation. And the trade-off between the brighter lens and much shorter zoom (VA) or the slower lens with longer zoom (VI). Not to mention, holy pricey, Batman!
  • Panasonic ZS200 - good travel camera on paper with the best specs in theory, but not a fan of the results it gives in practice -- tested a friend's on a recent trip. The slow lens probably has something to do with it - F3.3–6.4 is going to give poor results, making the long zoom practically useless unless in very bright light shooting a stationary subject.
  • Panasonic LX100 Mark II - seems intriguing, albeit with a shorter zoom range than my G16, and a slightly less compact body. Would have to test it in person to see what RL results are.

All are much more expensive than another repair job on my G16, mind you.

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