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Re: Missing longtime forum members

SigmaChrome wrote:

DMillier wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

DMillier wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

BarrytheB wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Haven't heard from:

Zone 8 (Brian)





Joe Wisniewski

all long time posters, for quite a while. Probably a few others I have forgotten.

Anyone in contact with them or have any news?

Edit: Some more names

Just Looking

Chunsum Choi

Frits Thomson

Clive (NarrBl)



Erik Magnusson


I wish I knew what happened with Brian.

Frits Thomson passed away quite tragically a few years ago. RIP.

DaSigmaGuy, as far as I know, has moved on to other interests.

Ed Squires is still active on Facebook and so is Norm Hamilton.

That's all I can tell you.

Hate to hear about Frits always enjoyed his work.

I miss Frits' (Thomsen) work too.

Have a look at his FB page . Scroll down to October 2013. It's a sad tale.

Some folks have been asking FB to remove the page.

I sure miss some of the old humor, discussions and particularly the images

Me too.

I don't understand how to work FB. What am I looking for?

I don't know if you'll be able to view the page if you're not a Facebook member. If you are, or if you can view it, just scroll down through the posts till the dates read mm/dd/2013 and read them.

I see only one post, a link to Ines' website and thank you from Ines...

If you don't tell me whether you're FB member or not, how can I help you? OR maybe you can only see public posts?

When I am logged into my FaceBook account I can see a lot of his posts, but when I am not logged in I can not. I have a friend in common though, and that may be the difference. I think that on Facebook, when you make a post, you can limit the visibility to friends of friends, just friends, close friends, or private. Otherwise the post would be public. He may not have made many public posts (possibly just one?).

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