Micro four-thirds vs. Foveon

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Re: Pen-F vs DP Quattros

SiFu wrote:


Now I get it, sorry, it's is your lacking reading comprehension!

That explains it - but I will try to spell it out for you so that even you will hopefully understand.

The Helios is a 58mm lens - put that on a Metabones Speedbooster XL -[both pieces of info are clearly visible in my previous post...] means applying a focal reduction of x0.64, so that the Helios behaves like a roughly 37mm lens; putting this assembly of lens/focal reducer on an MFT body and thereby subjecting it to the x2 crop results in a roughly 74 mm output.

This is not so far off, shooting against the 3Q's 75mm output.

Both were shot from the same spot, focussed at the windows you see - is there a difference in framing? Yes, because of the 3:2 vs 4:3 format choices I did not mind.

On to the next part, you (probably?) missed or did not know/care to inform yourself about - the PenF was in SFD mode [info clearly given in the OP] - in Oly-speak this means the pixel-shift High-Res mode that puts out an 80Megapixel file.

This is what you are seeing.

I downsampled because I can and because I wanted to see what it looks like that way - nothing more, nothing less (and what I called it).

Now I get it. It is down to your stupidity to compare a 20Mpx picture to a 80Mpx picture.

Google: PEN-F and SDF and you get no hits


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