Replacement for Canon G16?

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Re: Replacement for Canon G16?

I actually own a Fuji X30. I agree, it's a fine camera for what it is, but it doesn't even compare to the G16 in image quality, let alone to a mirrorless 4/3 or IC lens camera.

And no, I'm not rejecting all EVF cameras; I prefer an optical viewfinder but those have gone the way of the dinosaur, so as long as there's a usable EVF with diopter correction, I can deal.

In-camera USB charging is actually not very convenient on the road, since it requires the camera to be not in use while the battery charges. I find it's generally more convenient to have a separate battery charger and a spare battery or two, so they can charge back at the hotel while I'm out and about sightseeing. In countries with frequent power cuts or inconsistent electricity, though, nothing beats a super long battery life, 'cause you just never know when you can charge.

Not knocking the image quality of the IC lens cameras... but again, they're simply too big and too impractical for my travel purposes. Even the mirrorless ones with very compact bodies still have the lens size as a consideration. If it doesn't retract, it takes up space, period. My purse is basically my daypack; it's the only thing I carry, other than my main travel backpack (with all my clothes and stuff in it). When you have to fit a camera in your purse alongside glasses, sunglasses, your phone, wallet, water bottle, hat, sunscreen, and myriad other daily essentials, space is the main factor. Compact and easy to operate one-handed on the fly are essential for a travel camera.

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