Which ecosystem for street photography

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Which ecosystem for street photography

Hi everyone,

It's been a while that i'm making some research and i'm absolutely lost so i need your advice.

I'm a ricoh grII user. I like this camera because it's compact, it has great IQ but according to me some things are missing : lack of versatility because of the fixed lens (need to crop), only f2.8, no tilting screen.

I'm looking for a complementary set up for street photography and more (travel, fatherhood XD)...etc. Teh point is to get better versaility, better IQ. By the way i'll be 30 years old in the beginning of 2020, so it would be my (really good) gift.

I've always thought that lenses meant more than the camera itself. That's why I'm looking for an ecosystem that proposes really good lenses. I was obsessed by full frame, but not sure i really need it. weather sealing can be a +. It needs to be as much compact as possible...Here is what i've found:

1-Sony A7III. Full frame, weather sealed. good for all kind of photo. ;aybe a little bit too bulky. but lenses...are they really good? I heard about the 55 1.8, the 28 f2...don't know if it's really worth the money...?

2-Fuji XT-30 + 23mm f1.4, 35 1.4, 56 f1.2. Maybe an xt3 would be better but xt30 is really compact. There is also the next xpro3 that should be released soon...love the build quality of the camera and the lens. are they really equivalent to them reputation? I have the feeling that fuji is the fency brand camera, like apple vs android. The sony A7III sounds more like an "engineered' camera. Fuji is a brand that seems to have it's own identity while sony allows people to make them own. not to sure to want to have the same identity of others... not sure if i'm clear XD

3-Heard about the sigma fp...don't know the price range yet. full frame, compact but...lenses...seriously?? what's the point to make a compact camera with as much big lenses?? ok there is the 45mm f2.8...but...don't knoz yet if the ecosystem will be good.

4-The ricoh grIII. don't know if it will add something to my actual set up

5-Used leica Q, used sony rx1r...

6-Something else??

Thank you very much for your advice, i'm really open to other possibilities. thank you again.

Oh and just in case, here is the kind of picture i do:


Fujifilm X-T3 Ricoh GR III Sony RX1R
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