Any one using RX100 as a second camera

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Re: RX100 VI/VII

DenImage wrote:

The self moving diopter issue is well reported here on the DPR forum. It's more prevalent since the new EVF design of the mark iv (pops up, then rear lens pops out). It's a poor design, but a lot of users have been using the "soft release" method to mitigate the issue (placing a finger over the EVF when it pops up), so users are just living with the design flaw.

The reason why I like the Fujifilm X100 is it's just simple to use as a point & shoot, and the dual optical/EVF system is a joy.


I've read about this issue but does not affect my copy in any meaningful way that I can tell. Just checked my RX100 VI and yeah does not impact my usage of the EVF. Biggest negative I can say about the EVF is that it's small but that's ok since the whole point of the RX100 is compactness.

Personally, I'd take a RX100 over a Fuji X100 body camera any day since I value compactness, decisive AF, versatility and the ergonomics doesn't bother me at all but that's why we have choice in the marketplace.

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