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Decisions Decisions

I know I would get a significantly different answer on the Sony section of the forums but I'm a current Nikon shooter and hang out here a lot more.  The decision is in the next year it will be time to replace my current camera.  Background: I currently shoot a Nikon D7200. This workhorse has served me well as a wildlife and nature photographer.  In fact, it's a pretty incredible camera for any price point and considering the price it is outstanding.

However, I have the itch for something new and my trusty D7200 is rapidly approaching 100,000 shutter actuations.  I will rent a body (and lens) for a week or so before making a final decision but wanted to hear your thoughts on my thought process and any points I may miss.

Choices I'm looking at:
Nikon Z7

Sony A7Riii or Sony A7Riv.

Z7 positives:

I can use my existing stable of Nikon F mount lenses.  I don't have any exotic glass like the big primes but I really like my 150-600 and 100-400 Sigma lenses.  They work well for my needs.  Also, my Nikon micro lens and a couple wide angle lenses can port over to the Z7.

Potential for future stellar "S" series lenses that may interest me as a wildlife and nature shooter (100-400 tele, 200-500/150-600 range tele, 200mm micro).

The 14-30 looks like a good lens but the rest are ranges I rarely shoot (24-70, 85mm, 50mm, etc.)

Z7 negatives:

Cost of memory cards.  Boy Howdy, those things are expensive.  I can pick up a really good used macro lens for what a handful of these cards would cost.

One card slot (not a deal breaker but I do currently use card slot 2 as backup in case the card in slot one decides to take a dump while I'm out in the field somewhere).

I've read the autofocus isn't quite up to snuff and I've read others that say it is great.

No native tele glass and none showing on the roadmap.  Couple that with a further caveat no "affordable" native tele glass.

Sony Positives.

My couple dozen SD cards will work.

The 100-400 GM lens looks really impressive.  I have a couple friends who own that glass and rave about it and their images have outstanding detail.

The new 200-600 G looks like a great wildlife lens.

The 16-35 GM has received good reviews.

I'm not overly intrigued by 61mp on the A7Riv.  At some point we reach the point of diminishing returns but wouldn't mind to rent it and see for myself.

AF is pretty mature.  I've shot an A7Riii and 100-400 that belongs to a friend and it seemed quick on the focus.

Sony Negatives.

Cost of switching systems is way up there.  I would have to keep my Nikon for a while until I could get enough cash to buy a wide angle, a macro and the 200-600mm lens (I would start with the 100-400 which is the go-to lens range in my current stable).

Weather sealing is reported to not be as robust as on the Nikon.  I do shoot outdoors a lot and, constantly worry about my current body and lenses when I get caught in a storm.  So far, I haven't lost anything (patly due to the dry bag I carry with me if I'm going to be pretty far back on a trail and rain is in the forecast).

Sony menu system is truly horrible.  My wife has a RX10iv and I would be booted from the forum for foul language if I used the words to adequately describe my disdain for the Sony menu.

I do find the buttons on the ones I've played with in stores and the one my buddy John has to be little and somewhat fidgety.  They are supposed to be better in the A7Riv but I haven't seen one yet.

Bottom line, the choice really boils down to do I want to change systems entirely or just camera bodies?  I honestly don't know.  What have you all done and why?

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