Missing longtime forum members

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Re: Missing longtime forum members

Joe Wisniewski passed  away, I think around 2011 or so when I remember correctly.

NarrBL is still on dpreview but on other forums I just saw some posts from him.


Do you mean Dominic Groß from Germany? I saw his last post when the SD1 with the ridicuolous price appeared.

Sandy changed System as far as I know. was it Pentax?

For Chunsum I lost contact, bu I think he changed System to Nikon around the SD14/SD15 area.

I think the endles comparisons are driving people away, this is going on since 2002.

Sigma shooters must somehow always defend their camera like M43 shooter are doing it. Very strange.

As this is a technical forum it is no place to show pictures so this might also drive people away.  For most people here is image quality more important than picture quality, they do not see photography as a form as art, for them it is a technical playground.

And of course the limitations of the Foveon sensor can be very tiresome and let people change the system.

There are also many others like Günther Borgemeister, Olga Vasilikova, BobNL etc.

My 2 cents

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