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Julia Schott
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Canon EOS R: Not quite a disaster, but close

Holy cow, who at Canon okayed these design decisions?

1. On-off switch placement. So much valuable space taken up by a stupid on-off switch! I can hardly believe it. On a camera that's smaller than DSLRs to begin with, some geniuses at Canon thought it was a-ok to allow a stupid on-off switch to occupy a good chunk of the entire top left of the camera.

2. "Mode bar," rocker switch, or whatever they call that design disaster. See above regarding poor space utilization. On top of that, the stupid switch does nothing useful, and mostly just gets in the way of one's thumb. Back to the drawing board, folks! Somewhere I read that some newbie from Google invented that thing. Fire that dude and the bosses that listened to him!

3. Missing thumbwheel. Unarguably one of the best ergonomic achievements of Canon's cameras over the past decade, the thumbwheel should be irreplaceable. But guess what? Some geniuses at Canon thought they should replace it! And with what? A stupid, useless, annoying rocker switch. That thing makes me angry every time I touch it.

4. Touch screen as focus point selector. I've seen photographers say that they "get used to" this method of moving the focus point. But oh, goodness. All you have to do is watch someone actually try to use it to realize how idiotic the system is. Might be a *bit* better if they made the screen more responsive to touches when used for that purpose. But I'm constantly giving up with that method and resorting to the old button press method when using the eyepiece viewfinder.

There's more, but I've wasted enough time on this camera. Ugh.

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