Any one using RX100 as a second camera

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That brings to the table the big selling point of the GR as well. A small size you can take everywhere without compromising on image quality.

That is indeed the biggest selling point of the GR but I decided the 28mm focal length was too limiting for it to be useful to me. The OOC Jpegs are also average and really require lightroom to get the best out of it.

However, I would argue that if you really like 28mm as a focal length, the best image quality per inch is the pixel 3 especially for lowlight.

This whole idea of limiting yourself to one focal length is also a bit of marketing BS. I like using primes for my full frame kit but having a zoom does open you up to more options with respect to photography especially where decisive action is required.

After my experience owning/using the RX100vi, I now value the user experience (ergonomics) more as a photographer. I recently purchased an "as new" secondhand first edition Fujifilm X100 (introduced in 2010). Only 12 megapixels APS-C sensor, and a 35mm (equivalent) f2 lens, but what a joy to use, I love the thing. It ain't always down to the tech specs, or the latest and greatest to enjoy photography.

Note: I still own and use my a7rii and a7iii.


I agreement with your sentiment which is why the rx100 vi works so well for me. After I realized I didn’t care about the incremental sharpness of the Ricoh gr iii, I came to really appreciate the versatility of the rx100 vi paired with class leading af that’s even better on the new model. I suppose it’s a little hard to grip but it doesn’t bother me all that much - I mostly set it on aperture mode or auto. Not looking to think too hard with this camera - more focused on the photo opportunities with this camera.

This doesn’t replace my A7r iii and my Batis prime lenses but it’s a very useful addition.

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