G7X Mark III - Disappointed with the autofocus

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G7X Mark III - Disappointed with the autofocus

Now it’s entirely possible maybe I just got a bum copy of this camera. But it feels like AF has taken a step back from the Mark II and is about the same as the original G7X. Now I loved the image quality out of the original G7X so I was willing to put up with the slow AF but 5 years on I wouldn’t expect it would feel like we are back to square one. This is for stills we’re talking about here.

I don’t think I’ve been this disappointed with a Canon Powershot in terms of AF performance since the original G1X back in 2012. I wanted to think that a lot of the people complaining on YouTube about video in AF were wrong but this is, relative to the competition, a slow camera.

But....I may still keep it in my stable because like the original, which I gifted to a family member, the images look great. The Mark II seemed to have a white balance problem in its default picture style which they have largely fixed with this camera.

Now I’m trying not to be overly dramatic here. If you are shooting non-moving subjects in daylight conditions, the AF is perfectly satisfactory. But anything other than that, my camera struggles mightily get something in focus.

At the risk of being clubbed over the head, when I go back to using my D3500, it’s like night and day. And I’m sure the DPAF Canons run circles around this thing as well, even the M100.

I have heard that the G5X Mark II might have somewhat better AF but I haven’t tried that out yet (and probably won’t till the price goes down).

Curious to know what other people who have the Mark III think of the AF. Like I said, maybe others are fine and I just got a bad copy.

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