G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

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Re: G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

ErikJan wrote:

mgalvan0828 wrote:

Given this is the successor to the G5X which didn't have this issue, I think it's a fair criticism and something people should be aware of in their decision making.

Agree with you here, although the design changes, which are mainly dedicated EVF versus pop-up EVF, are rather big. Not your typical update.

To be honest, I thought it where 2 different models. One could argue if the suffix Mark II is even appropriate:-)

It shows that users with glasses should be aware of unwanted side effects, as you correctly pointed out. Independent from make and model.


After using it today on a bright sunny day, I may have come to the conclusion that when you are going to use EVF for most of your shots, I would refrain from buying a camera with pop-up EVF and choose a camera with a fixed EVF.

After a while it is getting uncomfortable and the LCD is smeared with sweat from your cheeks. Also the EVF gets sweaty. And after a while I did not care anymore to put it in and almost damaged it. It does help in bright and dim light conditions. I like that the menu is also displayed. For an occasional point & shoot it serves well (mind you that I only have it for a day and a half ).

For me the EVF was not a buying criterium, the size, lens, 1 inch sensor were more important (wanted a small but good travel camera). Like probably many others I was tempted to buy the Sony RX100 VII, despite its price, but since it comes out on the day I will leave for Holidays, I decided to give the Canon a try.

Yeah that was my assessment as well.  I thought having the pop-up EVF wouldn't be an issue at all for me, but on actual use, my experience was similar.  While I had the G5X MII, I left the EVF out and extended the whole time.  Though it worked ok (when it actually worked for me), I realized I was just to used to having an always ready EVF, like the original. And that would be the better solution for me, hence going for the G1X M3 instead, which I'm loving.

Just hoping this helps someone in thinking about these nuances and whether they fit your shooting style.

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