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Leaving Canon after 50 years unless......

I have been with Canon since 1969 owning most of their top cameras both in the film era and the digital era. I currently have 1DX2 and a 5D4 and recently sold a 5D S/R (big disappointment) and a 7D2. Until recently felt Canon was competitive in most areas and a leader in some, particularly in long lenses. The 400 DO F4 is my favorite lens.

However, Canon’s pro level cameras are very out-of-date in three important areas. First, and to me, foremost, is focus and focus tracking. Focus tracking has always been good but had some weak spots. However, compared to Sony, it is stone age. My son has an A9 and he was able to capture a dragonfly in flight with auto focus. This is something I have never been able to do, even with the 1DX2. Sony’s eye focus, even for wildlife and birds beats Canon by a mile. Their tracking , as is Nikon’s, is way better than Canon.

Second is frames per second. Canon’s top camera, the 1DX2, does a respectable 14 FPS, but but most of Sony’s do 10 and their top camera does 20. Even their recently announced 60 MP camera will do 10. The Canon 5D S/R barely did 4.

Finally is dynamic range. Nikon and now Sony beat Canon by at least two stops and have for a long time. Thus these cameras will get much more detail out of the shadows.

The one thing that has kept me with Canon has been their lenses, particularly the long ones. Nobody has anything like the 400 DO F4. However, Sony now has a 600mm F4 that is at least as good as the Canon 600mm F4 III and the recently announced 200-600 may be a beast but it is reported to be sharp. Canon showed a 600 F4 DO at least 4 years ago. Where is it? Who knows but clearly they could not produce it or did not want to steal sales from their $12K lenses. That is the lens that might keep me in Canon if priced right.

The Canon mirrorless R series cameras to date are not pro-level cameras. I’m willing to give Canon a bit more time based on the rumors of two pro-level R series cameras and a new 1DX3, but if these do not measure up and they don’t produce the 600 DO F4, I’m off the Sony after 50 years.

Other views welcome and I hope Canon monitors these forums, but I doubt it.

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