G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

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Re: G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

ErikJan wrote:

Okay, I can see where the complaint is coming from. But in all fairness I think you cannot compare a pop-up EVF with a dedicated EVF with cap. Then again, for the price they sell it, perhaps you can Not being able to compare (my first point&shoot having this), I am okay with it how it is. The position of the sensor looks to be a bit odd, but probably there where reasons for this.

When I move my finger over it, it switches from LCD to EVF and vice versa quite fast. It looks like the sensor points a tiny bit to the left, as when I move in from the left it responds a bit faster than moving in from the right.

Yeah, I just wonder if moving the sensor a bit more to the left would've solved this issue.  I guess it's a moot point.

Given this is the successor to the G5X which didn't have this issue, I think it's a fair criticism and something people should be aware of in their decision making.

As someone who owned the original G5X for a few years, it is a noticeable difference and affects how you use the camera.  The eye sensor speed is the same on both models, so the issue really is the placement Canon decided to use for it.

In regards to magnification, it felt like the original EVF, and the specs in the manual suggest they are the same.

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