G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

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Re: G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

ErikJan wrote:

Okay, understood. Not wearing glasses.

I tried with sunglasses just now and perhaps it can be "finicky". But perhaps it depends on the style of glasses you wear.

There is a sensor, which looks to be undocumented in the manual, and as long as this is covered, the EVF will stay on. Once uncovered, even with the EVF covered, the LCD will turn on. I think this can explain the "finicky" part.

G5 X M2 sensor

Yes, I was referring specifically to using the EVF with glasses on.

The sensor placement is much farther away, compared to the original G5X or the G1X MIII. What I've found with using the G5X MII EVF is that sometimes the camera would never the image back to the LCD while I was composing with the EVF, fairly frequently. It was even worse when using the camera in vertical mode. This made me have to be conscious about how I would place my face to the EVF while using it, which just really takes away from the experience of just trying to take pictures in the moment.

For reference, here's the sensor on my G1X MIII. On this camera and the original G5X, there are no issues at all as the sensor is placed right next to the EVF inside the eyecup.

I'm a bit surprised that this is an issue. I would've thought Canon would have done enough QC on this camera during development to see that this was an issue.

Canon G1X MIII eye sensor within EVF eyecup

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