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adegroot wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

adegroot wrote:

I am still here, but not as frequently as before. Too many posts still forever trying to compare Bayer vs. Foveon vs. Quattro, as if there is nothing better to do.

Sorry to be so bold, but that's driving people away.

That hits close to home, since I figure about half the posts doing this were started by me over the past year or two.

Sorry if that stuff bothers you so much, but 95% of the posts on this forum are NOT about such comparisons. (I actually just went back over the past 120 posts to see.) Maybe I'm overestimating the number of posts I have started that compare Sigma vs CFA (i.e. my purple color samples were in a thread that I didn't start), but certainly I do start a lot of those threads, and if people realy have been driven away by the 1 in 20 posts about comparing Foveon to CFA or Merrill vs Quattro, I am sorry my posts have had such an affect.

For vacations, I am using a Sony with Zeiss zoom. Why? Because processing hundreds of photos afterwards is not fun in SPP. Simple as that.

Shoot Sigma stuff still locally for great IQ.

I have taken the SDQ on short vacations, and shooting DNGs, but it's a heavy camera, and I am approaching 70.

Sandy has become quiet after her aging mother needed lots of help; since then she has bene absent here; she hasn't responded to my emails either.

Laurence still posts occasionally, but due to his accident, of course also way less.

Carl Ritterfalk seems to have moved on as well.

As you can see Scottely, it hasn't driven me away, but yes, too much tech talk isn't my cup of tea, but others joyfully join you in these endeavors. so let it be....even though I do believe it may have driven people (somewhat) away.

To me, if a print looks good and makes a certain impact, no one is going to go over it with a loupe and criticize a few issues they may find. In Holland we have a saying ('Er is geen koe zo zwart of er is wel een vlekje aan.') or: No cow is so black as not to have a spot somewhere, meaning: nothing is totally perfect, but it doesn't really matter.

But I agree that we should strive for perfection, and that's human nature as well; always going forwards and upwards. That's a great thing.

If technical issues and comparisons with other technologies help us to evolve forward, then all power to you. If not, I guess it's your passion to concentrate more on technology than on photography.

I did not single anyone out; remember that. It was a general sentiment I personally have which actually applies to all forums on this site.

I understand. Thank you for your reply.

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