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Re: YN RF-603II vs Phottix Ares

blink667 wrote:

fotowbert wrote:

1. The RF-603II are transceivers while the Ares are dedicated TX and RX units. Transceiver units offer more redundancy should a unit fail. Having only a single TX unit would make me nervous.

I should point out, however, that the RF-603II triggers are incompatible with Yongnuo's TTL gear for the most part (unless you turn the TTL triggers/flashes into manual only ones). If you were, say, to add an SB-700 into the mix or something, use either of these triggers would be a problem

But. Phottix is rolling out the Odin Z system, and the Ares II triggers are included in it, and that would let you use your older SB units as manual slaves, and a newer Nikon iTTL flash on an Odin II receiver, or the Phottix Juno TTL in TTL in conjunction with them. Like Godox gear, the Odin Z system allows for cross-brand TTL support, as well as TTL and manual gear working together. Yongnuo's systems don't allow for either yet.

... Operation of the side switch on the RF-603II triggers is somewhat confusing.

? OFF / TX / TRX isn't that hard to figure out.

  • OFF: power off.
  • TX: forced transmitter mode.
  • TRX: automatic assignment of transmitter/receiver for Canon/Nikon cameras; RX (receiver) assignment for everybody else.

The Mark I could only be used on Canon/Nikon hotshoes as a transmitter, so you'd have to crack them open and modify them (typically by shorting one pin signal to another) to get them to work on non-Canikon hotshoes). And the power switch was up top exactly where you couldn't reach it when a flash was mounted on top. The Mark II's side switch is much much nicer.

The newer RF-605 triggers from YN incorporate an LCD interface which I expect would be better.

The main feature the RF-605 units have over the 603 II is group assignment. But. If you're using a 603 II as your transmitter, instead of a YN-560-TX, you can't really take advantage of this feature.

Thanks for the answer John; based your great info, I think I’ll go for the Younguo.

This is just me, but I'd consider selling the SB-28 and trading it in for a Godox TT600 ($65)  or TT685-N ($110), and try using the SB80DXs' built-in "dumb" optical slave mode and your pop-up flash to see if optical triggering will work for you.  If you later need radio triggering, then you can use the Godox speedlights with a Godox transmitter. And the TT685-N gives you the option of TTL and both the TT600 and TT685-N can offer HSS/FP as an off-camera radio slave.

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