Kathleen Up to Her Shoulders in Wild Flowers

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Lin Evans
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Re: Kathleen Up to Her Shoulders in Wild Flowers

Scottelly wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

larryj wrote:

The wild flowers were everywhere and some very tall: Witness Kathleen a few steps off the road and deep in flowers. It was amazing and rainbow of colors! Taken with the SD1 Merrill and the 18-35 mm Art lens.


Hi Larry,

Something happened with this image which isn't right. There is extreme CA in the upper right as well as along the ridge line, etc. That's not typical for either the lens or the SD1 so I'm not certain what happened. Look carefully at the periphery... Really strange.. it's almost as if an incorrect lens profile was somehow selected and no CA correction was applied?

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Do you see the green and magenta color blotching in those distant evergreens on the right Lin? I'm guessing there was some sort of processing glitch or something like that.

Hi Scott,

Yes, that's part of the CA I was mentioning. Even along the ridgeline of the mountain, there is strong green CA and it's even visible in the clouds. Something's not right. Both on the right in the trees and even on the left there is way more blotching and CA than expected with this very good combination. I don't know enough about current versions of Sigma software to know whether there are lens profiles available, but in many software programs you can choose and it almost appears as if a wrong profile had been applied here.

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