Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

Ed Rizk wrote:

mmarian wrote:

The whole idea of shooting architecture with ts-e lenses is to get the verticals straight. If you tilt the camera ever so marginally when shooting handheld you will need to correct in post. With 17mm it becomes more critical as everything is amplified by the super WA perspective. I suspect that you will soon addopt shooting from tripod and in LV with this lens😉

Sometimes I leave a little keystoning on purpose, especially if the building is tall or there is a two story ceiling inside. I never leave as much as there would be with no shift.

When I first got the 17, I bought a 6D to stick on the back of it. The level was worthless, so I had to eyeball it or use the bubble level on the tripod. My verticals were rarely perfect before I bought the R. Non photographer clients still noticed a great improvement . The R made them much better with that nice big level. Only photographers noticed that difference.

Better is still better, even if it’s not perfect.

If you are a perfectionist, too much correction in processing creates artifacts and distortion, so there is still a benefit to the shift lens. I just hate the ergonomics of it hand held anti get more camera shake because of it.

I agree, a bit of keystoning in exterior shots of tall buildings looks more natural than perfectly parallel edges. But my point was that the keystoning must be symetrical. If the camera is tilted to one side you are back to square one correcting in post. I have to say that even though I pay great deal of attention to leveling the camera, I still almost always need to use free transformation tool in PS to pull one or two corners ever so slightly to make it right. I have a keyboard shortcut for putting 2% frequency grid over the photo in faint grey color to help me with allignment. I would agree that working with ts-e lenses requires more measured, disciplined and contemplative approach towards taking photos than working with normal lenses.

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