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Re: Missing longtime forum members

I am still here, but not as frequently as before. Too many posts still forever trying to compare Bayer vs. Foveon vs. Quattro, as if there is nothing better to do. Sorry to be so bold, but that's driving people away.

For vacations, I am using a Sony with Zeiss zoom. Why? Because processing hundreds of photos afterwards is not fun in SPP. Simple as that.

Shoot Sigma stuff still locally for great IQ.

I have taken the SDQ on short vacations, and shooting DNGs, but it's a heavy camera, and I am approaching 70.

Sandy has become quiet after her aging mother needed lots of help; since then she has bene absent here; she hasn't responded to my emails either.

Laurence still posts occasionally, but due to his accident, of course also way less.

Carl Ritterfalk seems to have moved on as well.

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