Any one using RX100 as a second camera

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Re: Any one using RX100 as a second camera

I just use my phone and shoot with RAW apps. I had an RX100 III and I didn’t notice too much of a difference than an Iphone XR, which has an excellent camera. If you shoot in RAW and edit the main difference is the RAWs from the RX100 will be better and have more info than a phone, or if you have an older phone it might be worth it.

But for me it wasn’t worth the hassle and I sold my RX100, it just couldn’t compete with my micro 4/3 which is a little bigger but provides a much much bigger jump and can swap lenses, and can *almost* fit in my pocket. I couldn’t get the RX100 to fit in my pocket, but my pants pockets are pretty tight on most of my pants for some reason.

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