G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

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Re: G5X II: EVF magnification comparison

requa wrote:

mgalvan0828 wrote:

EVF issues (for me), over the original, are the primary reason why I returned the camera.

I just looked at your prior post on this and saw that much of your concern was over finicky switching from EVF back to LCD, which does sound concerning. But in response to this thread, how did you find the EVF image to be when it was working properly? Did it provide similar magnification of the view compared to the Mark I?

It felt very similar to the original G1X, which I had side-by-side during the time I had the MII.     I can't say technically for sure, but it felt pretty much the same, image-wise.

If you are not a glasses wearer, I'd say there should be no issue.  For me, it was too unreliable.  Unlike the original with the eye sensor within the EVF eyecup, the MII sensor is on the top of the LCD panel.  What this meant for me was it would fairly frequently go back to the LCD to display the image while I was composing with the EVF if I didn't have my face cover the sensor enough.  It's a shame, cause the rest of the camera was mostly an upgrade (sans the new lens ring and lack of front dial).

Ironically, this made me pick up a G1X MIII, which I wasn't considering.  But I'm finding that camera to be really nice overall and may be my upgrade now.  The image quality difference is noticeable for sure.

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