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Momma is too feral and independant...

The problems I've run into are these:

At first we weren't going to adopt - rather, we were going to try and catch both the Mother and the kitten and turn them into an animal rescue center, however...

All the rescue centers (and adoption organizations) are full to the max because it's kitten season down here.  The only place that would accept them are the animal shelters and they wind up euthanizing over 50% of their animals - no way would I contribute to that.

So we captured the kitten - a 11-12 week old male.  We figured that since it's a kitten, it would be easier to have it make the transition from being a wild cat to one being domesticated.  Right now we have it in a separate bedroom with all kinds of cat toys, towers, food, and litter box until it becomes more relaxed.  We brought him home from the vet yesterday and he's been hiding in the room, coming out at night to eat, etc.  But you'd never know he was in there if you looked into the room.  It just takes time.  The good thing (for us) is that he instinctively used the litter box.  We were afraid he'd just go on the carpets (which we have covered with absorbent pads).

As for the Mother, she still shows up on my patio, looking through our sliding doors and waiting until I come out with the food.  Then meows with joy and devours the food.  We think she may be pregnant again because her stomach is really expanded (unless she's eating so much it shows).  We felt it best to just try to take care of her as best we could for being a feral, outdoor cat.

Here's a better shot of the Mother:

She just devoured a bunch of food and is just plain tired because of the tremendous heat we have down here in the southeast USA.  I tried giving her some cat nip (shown here) but she didn't know what it was and wasn't interested.

A better view of the male kitten who looks exactly like the mother:

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Have a great day...
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