Replacement for Canon G16?

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Re: Replacement for Canon G16?

Thanks. The Sony RX100-VA looks interesting. Looking at a head-to-head comparison between that and my Canon G16, from what I gather:

  • Sony has the larger sensor (1" vs 1/1.7")
  • Canon has the longer zoom (28-140mm/5x vs 24-70mm/2.9x)
  • Both lenses are fast and bright, with max aperture of 1.8f-2.8f, though the Canon manages the 2.8f at a much longer telephoto length.
  • Canon has the better macro focus length (1cm vs 5cm)
  • Sony has a tilting screen, versus Canon's fixed one, though I don't really care.
  • Canon has the fixed optical viewfinder that I prefer, versus Sony's pop-up EVF. (If you're farsighted, you'll understand.)
  • Sony has the faster continuous drive mode (24 fps vs 12)
  • Sony has the better video modes... not that this really is a factor for me.
  • Canon has by far the better battery life (360 shots vs 220)
  • Sony is slightly smaller and lighter (299g vs 356g)
  • Canon has better ergonomics - grip, one-handed operation, controls and dials
  • Sony is much pricier - retailing for $1,250 CAD plus tax, here. I bought my Canon for ~$500 tax-in.

Would you say that's about right?

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