Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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Re: Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

threw the lens wrote:

markyboy81 wrote:

threw the lens wrote:

All this talk of how fast bovines can run reminded me of crocodiles.

The myth is that crocodiles can outrun people, but it's not exactly true. They can peak at 11mph. Fastest humans peak at 28mph. The main problem is with four legs animals accelerate better. So I would prefer to get 20ft head start minimum on a croc even if I am feeling sprightly.

When you say fastest humans I think you mean human as only one person has got close to that speed (Bolt who I think can run 27mph flat out.) Also, most people couldn't run at 11mph for any length of time, it's faster than you might think!

If you want to prove me wrong, we can organise a you v crocodile race and youtube it.

I'm happy to provide any evidence of me running slower than a crocodile.

Do you know my personal best for the 100m? 75m.

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