The Raccoon dog says MarkII is better than EMIX?

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Re: The Raccoon dog says MarkII is better than EMIX?

Lauri Mantere wrote:

mikero wrote:

Any idea why that might be? In what way are you missing the images?

Apart from the AI modes, I was under the impression that the AF systems were now pretty similar.


AF-S small single point is given more than 20% back focused shots from dark mammals like Mooses or bears. Mark II is giving with same setups almost 99% pin sharp images.

Before FW 3.1 Mark II was lot worse than EM1X, now it's lot better

Waiting for new FW 2.0 to EM1X.


Interesting and valuable input, Lauri.

Having only demo'd the M1X and recently updating my M1iis to FW3.1, I can only report the new FW has significantly improved the older camera, in ways obvious and subtle. C-AF is more responsive and accurate. I'm also appreciating the 5x5 AF pattern. I certainly had no complaints about the X during my limited time with it, but no owner feedback with extended use.

Your light and setting are both wonderful, and those racoon dogs unlike anything I'll see here in N America.



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