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Re: What Most Folks Miss...

lilBuddha wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

It is illegal. Flat out illegal. Ask Martha Stewart.

Why on earth would you say something so silly? Speeding is illegal but most drivers in the US drive above the posted speed.

Remove all the unethical trades and you're left with a trading deficit. I digress.

Add stock markets to what you are not understanding

The fact is, what I wrote is correct. Remove all the inside trades and you gut a lot of the trading creating a deficit of trades in this example (a notably lessor amount of trades). People not understanding finance realities is another reason the poor stay poor... they’re oblivious and apathetic to many realities that directly and indirectly affect them.

Makes one want to roll their eyes. This article is akin to someone “bringing to light” the fact that people aren’t honest on their taxes or that millions of people on any given day break the speed limit or don’t come to a complete stop at stop signs... anyone with a lick of sense, in this case financial sense, should know that inside trading is as common as a dusty elephant.

I suggest you research (you shouldn’t even have to!) peer reviewed economic papers to get a better clue to financial reality governing the world..

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