Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

Ian L wrote:

mmarian wrote:

Ian L wrote:

The 17mm canon

Just reiterate, you need to shield the front element of this lens from any direct light, such as sun or ceiling downlights etc. Otherwise you migh end up with number of rainbow colored spots all over the image. That is the only downside of this otherwise excellent lens. The sweet spot is around f11, try to stick with that especially when shifting. At extreme shifts you might need to use f16 to get decently sharp extremities of the frame. None of this should be limiting when shooting stationary subject i.e. architecture and off course use tripod with your gear head when possible.

Good luck and congrats to your purchase.

Thanks. I almost always shoot from a tripod on interior shots. Exterior I usually go handheld. Maybe I'll get one of those flexible sunshade screens you can attach to the lens body if flaring becomes an issue. I occasionally have flaring outside, at which point my hand becomes the sun screen 😉 but I'm guessing the weight of this lend would make hand holding with one hand impractical.

Holding the camera with this lens with one hand is not easy. But you can hold the camera with one hand and support the lens with another hand while adjusting the shift at the same time. Then just reposition your hands for best stability when pressing the shutter. But then you would need a "third hand" to shield the lens. Not very practical but not impossible with the flexible shield holder I suppose.

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