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Re: I recant

docmaas wrote:

MyReality wrote:

Definition: Bias -"prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair."

My experience in commuting with people on this forum about Foveon sensors and prints leads me to conclude that they are not susceptible to logic. They give me subjective opinions about how great the results of Foveon sensors are, but when I suggest an objective test to determine the validity of their opinion some of them became upset. In other words. how can what they say be wrong, it is their opinion?

I am not making a positive or negative statement about Foveon sensor output. Does the output make a practical difference in the real world that would be noticeable?

Please don't mistake the cloud of confirmation bias that you have exhibited in this response for any kind of objective assessment. You're no different than the rest of us... completely incapable, that is, of seeing the truth without extensive empirical investigation which a few conversations on this forum does not so constitute.

That aside are you a native speaker of English?

Does anyone know the definition of defensiveness?

I don't think we need Samuel Johnson's dictionary for that as the two previous posts give us perfect examples or Ms. Manner's book on Etiquette on how to be so warmly welcoming to Mr. MyReality. Great job!

With Sony and Canon and Nikon speeding into the future, one has to be a little realistic on where even the latest and greatest Foveon offering will find itself in the marketplace.

I tested a Fuji GFX, Fuji X Pro 2, Sigma SDQ and Sigma SD14 in an identical studio setup and made 16x24 inch prints from each. Remarkably there was no clear winner,  only a clear loser, the X Pro 2. The point is that the practical difference in real world (not virtual) output was indistinguishable.

Perhaps the thing to do is concentrate on making better photography rather than testing equipment endlessly and being disappointed in our inability to resolve the absolute finest detail.

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