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Re: Details, DP2M and Pixel-Peeping ...

BenThomas1 wrote:

The build quality, general design and “feel” of the DP2M is excellent. It’s a brick of a camera; hefty, though not too heavy. There’s little by way of ergonomic concessions (grips and such), but it still falls to hand nicely. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a tactile “rightness” to the DP2M that eludes many other cameras, and its clean appearance says that this is a camera with a purpose, not a generalized tool. Nevertheless, a third-party finger grip would be welcome, and I know that there is at least one on the way. It will be reported on here when I get an opportunity to try it.

There was several. Gariz half case, a tape on grip and a L-bracket grip. The latter is still available.

Of the three I like the tape on grip the most, but for tripod usage the L-bracket is very nice.


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