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Re: I recant

xpatUSA wrote:

PrebenR wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

I must have failed to make it clear that I use pixel-peeping only for the checking of image quality, NOT as a means to "take pictures of details".

Pixel-peeping does not show the image quality, at all.

I bow to your superior digital photographic knowledge.

I recant: pixel-peeping does NOT reveal:

- Artifacts

- CA

- Blur

- Noise

All images should be assessed only after zooming smoothed so as to fit fully within the viewing medium, whatever that might be.

It shows sensor/lens capabilities, accuracy of the photograph (in focus). All those aspects can be perfect, and the image is still crap.

Image quality doesn't come from perfect details alone.

Here's a definition of "image quality" for you to disagree with, all or in part:

It's for camera phones but just as applicable to other imagers, I reckon:

I will of course give your opinion much more weight than that of Norman Koren and Imatest.

A picture of a beautiful girl on the beach has a much higher image quality than a small, artificially-generated, pixel-sized mesh.

Not to say a stone on a pickup truck. See the forest not the trees. These threads are just stupid.

Thank you for pointing out my glaring error. Please feel free to have the coveted Last Word.

'bye ...

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