Any one using RX100 as a second camera

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Re: Any one using RX100 as a second camera

poipoipoi_2016 wrote:

mikedelderfield wrote:

I'm sure you're right.....I was going to wait till the vii gets released, and see if the earlier models come down in price much....

I fancy the extra reach of the vi but the wider aperture of the va, unfortunately can't have both!

Bluntly, if you're going to shoot at night at all, get the VA. f/1.8 is merely terrible ISO's. f/2.8 is unusable.

The 1-inch sensor shows its failures from the get-go, and dropping off ISO 125 gets terrible fast.

This thread got me thinking. I used to take my A7RII everywhere, every time. But I also came to realize that my unplanned shots were often less than stellar. I would much rather take time get good shots and shoot far fewer shots, plus, carrying the camera that size since the 2013 wore on me. But if I am not taking it with me all the time, then perhaps I should consider an RX100 camera?

So, I visited Flickr. I went into a larger group for the RX100 VI camera with thousands of photos. I scanned through them. 95% or more are in good light. These images can look really nice. I looked at the lower light images. The people quickly turn to plastic and detail is lost. I am sure the RX100 cameras can beat my camera phone in lower light, but in really good light, and for posting to Instagram or Facebook, the camera phone is fine. That's sort of where I am now. And it's always with me. The RX100 cameras just don't have a use in my workflow. I don't see the RX100 replacing the fine art photography I try and capture with the A7RII, for example. In good light, it's possible to produce great art with the RX100 cameras, sure. But I would only be carrying it with me on the off chance I get lucky. Nearly every image I have sold, I planned to capture it, so the "lucky" part was never lucky. Heh. So, no, no RX100 for me. Perhaps an RX1RIII if one emerges, though. Heh.

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