Nikon Needs a 24-105 lens...

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Re: Nikon Needs a 24-105 lens...

I have wished this many times on these forums. I would even be happy with a stellar 24-85 F4 (I don't like the 24-85G) 24-120 gets too big for me.

Nikon over the years has consistently ignored really popular lenses that other brands have. It is ver frustrating. If you recall it took them for EVER to come out with a 24-70 2.8

They are also ignoring updating the 135

I found the closest thing in terms of size and quality is the 16-80DX on the D500

It is also odd that neither Tamron, Sigma, or tokina offer this except for the Sigma 24-105 which old now and not worth the investment.

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