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BenThomas1 wrote:

The build quality, general design and “feel” of the DP2M is excellent. It’s a brick of a camera; hefty, though not too heavy. There’s little by way of ergonomic concessions (grips and such), but it still falls to hand nicely. It’s hard to describe, but there’s a tactile “rightness” to the DP2M that eludes many other cameras, and its clean appearance says that this is a camera with a purpose, not a generalized tool. Nevertheless, a third-party finger grip would be welcome, and I know that there is at least one on the way. It will be reported on here when I get an opportunity to try it.

It is very subjective.  I can think of a whole load of design things about the DP2M that would make me more inclined to use mine - and that's despite the obvious attempt to keep things simple.

I suppose the most obvious blunder is the tiny battery. A 21st century camera should really be able to do rather better than one roll of film's worth of shots per charge.

With a fixed focal length, there should have been a built in optical viewfinder with exposure information. For anyone who is old school and still needs an eye-level finder, a hot shoe carbuncle is a poor substitute

It really needs a hand grip and a rear thumb grip, it's a bar of soap. I made mine better handling by buying a half case but somewhere I lost it and they don't seem to be available any more.

The command wheel is nice but it could do with a second one - the buttons on the back are an adequate substitute but not ideal. An aperture ring might have been a good option or even just making the manual focus ring customisable.

A proper on/off switch would have been nice. The membrane button thing is ok at best.

The real killer, though, is its slow write speeds.  I struggle with any camera that can't display a post capture histogram with 1 second of the pressing the shutter because my working method depends on rapidly checking the exposure.  7-10 secs is torture.

There is still lots to like about the build and simplicity but it could have been so much better with some relatively minor tweaks. My order of priority would be:

- hand grip allowing a bigger battery

- proper viewfinder

- second command wheel (or customise the MF ring)

I think those things would have transformed the handling.

And of course one can always dream of a Sigma that had 10x faster write speeds and whose files could be processed in other raw converters.

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