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Re: I recant

MyReality wrote:

Definition: Bias -"prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair."

My experience in commuting with people on this forum about Foveon sensors and prints leads me to conclude that they are not susceptible to logic. They give me subjective opinions about how great the results of Foveon sensors are, but when I suggest an objective test to determine the validity of their opinion some of them became upset. In other words. how can what they say be wrong, it is their opinion?

I am not making a positive or negative statement about Foveon sensor output. Does the output make a practical difference in the real world that would be noticeable?

Talking about prejudice.... There are no "Foveon sensor users" as a uniform group. Otherwise we wouldn't have so many discussions over and over again. Also between "these people". To pigeonhole the Foveon Forum users is, guess what, prejudice.

Talking about bias (not in the negative unfair sense), you have you own bias as well. Your claim is that if a sensor doesn't show an advantage in a print, it has no advantage. Doesn't that mean that you declare to everyone that a print is the one and anly relevant output medium for a picture? But this is your personal point of view. With digital photography, there are other options which may appeal to other persons in a different way.

I understand your point of view and it is a valid point if someone decides that a print is key. But why not accept other opinions without belittement?

Maybe your alias is a hint....

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